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Safety & Security

Safety is at the center of everything we do.

We comply with international best practices for Aviation Security and all flight crew undergo ICAO certified AVSEC recurrent training.

We have a well established Safety Management System (SMS) and all personnel are compliant and adhere to the company SMS procedures.

We have an open, non-punitive web-based SMS reporting system through which all personnel can submit and monitor safety reports and observations.

Fatigue Management is critical in today’s busy aviation environment. We utilize the latest web-based technologies to manage our maintenance and flight crew compliance, duty & flight time, via industry leading applications such as Air Maestro.

Our flight crews undergo recurrent training at leading simulator training centers such as Flight Safety International.


We are accredited by the Angolan Aviation Regulator (ANAC) and comply with international (ICAO & FAA) Aviation Standards and Best Operating Practices and Procedures.

We are proud to be the only private EASA certified Angolan operator that can operate flights to Europe.

Our Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil Air Operators Certificate can be viewed here: AOC

We are the only Angolan operator with an on-site, Bell Approved Training Facility and also have Cranfield certified instructors on staff for ICAO Dangerous Goods and AVSEC training